September 21 and 23 2011 | Charleville

La Vie Sexuelle Secrete des Insects

Come see world famous TV personality and sex therapist Dr. Phil Phraud, Phd, as he takes on all manner of clients, from Praying Mantises to centipedes. Marvel at his miraculous cures as he uses all the tools of this arcane trade to rid his clients of their phobias, phantasies, and phears. Maybe you’ll discover that your problems aren’t so big after all.

His clients include Cyrano, the singing cricket; Kafka, the sado-masochistic cockroach; Macarena ladybug, the flamenco dancer; Isabella. the queen of drama bee; Billy, the almost-out-of-the closet bee; and Jimmy, the survivor praying mantis.

This show is rated PG-13 (no violence, but insect nudity, insect sex and insect strong language and screaming). No insects were harmed in the making of this show.

This performance is in English and French (La Vie Sexuelle Secrete des Insects).

The shows on Mercredi 21 are at MJC Gambetta (10 Rue Gambetta), and Vendredi 23 are at Andre D’Hotel. All the shows are free, but it is recommended to get tickets before the show.

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