Lady Blue’s Dreams»

Lady Blue and Geronimo

The myth of Lady Blue represents the blue, feminine, mysterious, soft, generous, healing energy that arrived directly from a cloister in Spain before the arrival of the conquistadores. What happened after that was another story. This play appeals to history buffs, writers, and everyone interested in the development of the Feminine, particularly women’s long journey to have their voices heard. The general public loves this play because it illustrates the myths and history of the Southwest. Duration: 1 hour.

Cabeza de Vaca & Estevanico, The Conquistador, Conquered»


The story of Cabeza de Vaca gives another point of view completely opposite to the black legend of la Conquista. The play is based on Cabeza de Vaca’s own words using his own writing about the journey. We tell the story as he reported it… we don’t invent anything. The play is very well documented in order to represent what really happened. But of course puppets add their own vision, which always has to do with fun, humour and perspective… therefore, comprehension and healing. We work very accurately from the historic point of view, with a vision that helps the audience to relate to the story in a new way.

Amabantur, the Myth of Eros & Psyche»


This story is based on the myth of Eros and Psyche, one of the first examples of a written myth in Western culture (our original source is The Golden Ass, Apuleus, 100 AD). This myth is the foundation of many of the oldest Western fairy tales. It tells of the heroine’s journey.

Blue Jobs – The Secret Sex Life of Insects»

This play stars Dr. Phil Phraud, Phd, a world renowned TV personality and sex therapist, whose clients are insects with bizarre sexual problems: Cyrano, the singing cricket; Kafka, the sado-masochistic cockroach; Macarena the Ladybug flamenco dancer; Isabella. the queen-of-drama bee; Billy, the almost-out-of-the closet bee; and Jimmy, the survivor praying mantis.  Marvel at his miraculous ... Read More»